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12.20.06 - Adam visits the Dentist ~or~ Playground 1 Adam 0
     (plus Monty gets sick and Owen's dream fulfilled) - Day 1752 / 776

Earlier this month Adam lost his balance at the playground and went mouth first into some playground equipment. I wasn't there but I'm told there was lots of blood. His lip was split badly and once the swelling went down we noticed one of his two upper front teeth was now slightly pushed back. We felt so bad for him. He didn't want to eat anything because it hurt putting his lip on it, he'd try to take his pacifier at bedtime (still the only time he had it) and he couldn't suck on it. He couldn't take his pacifier because it hurt to suck on it. As you might expect bed and nap times were a nightmare of crying and screaming. So when the swelling had gone down and his lip had pretty much healed we took him to the dentist. Fortunately his tooth is solid and healthy and it shouldn't affect the growth of his adult teeth, etc. We were told we could have actually moved it back into place had we noticed it within a few hours of it happening, but by now it was too late. Since then Yvonne believes the two front teeth are starting to turn grey - which we're told is a sign they are dead. We're debating taking him back to the dentist.

Meanwhile our other first born, Monty (the dog), has become very ill. For the last few weeks we've noticed he's been drinking a lot of water. More recently we noticed a sudden drop in weight. His eyes became bloodshot, the skin around them got very pink, and he started getting crust around his eyes; he just looked sick. We took him to the vet and other than just being sick, we found out Monty had diabetes. He had a lot of ketones in his urine, which is dangerous, so he was put into hospital for a few days while this was leveled out and they started him on insulin. As of right now Monty needs to insulin shots twice a day and there is no change to his diet (ie brand of food, tho we've cut back on the treats). He's still lean and thin but seems to be doing much better. He knows when his shot is coming and he gets either excited or apprehensive. I guess it depends on how much he wants the treat he gets afterwards! We've started a page for Monty's diabetes, which you can find a link to at the left.

Back to the boys:

Owen's lifelong dream has been to sing/perform on the stage and he finally got his chance when his school put on their Winter Program "We Are the World." Owen's class sang two African welcoming songs and a video can be seen in the video section. He was very excited and proud to be doing this!

Being at Montessori has changed a number of things in Owen's behavior. He no longer pretend burps, his table manners are improved ("Mommy, you're not supposed to talk with your mouth full of food"), and other general manners (before he peels an orange he insists on washing it first). One thing we can't shake, tho is saying untruths. One day he'll say he hates pizza, the next day he'll gobble it down. He'll say he doesn't know how to do something when he certainly does, etc. He's done this for a long time, but lately it's gotten worse. He also doesn't like discussing his day at school. If you ask him something he says he doesn't know. This is probably more to keep a part of his life private, but it's no less frustrating. Fortunately his teacher sends out occasional emails to let parents know what their child is up to.

One other thing we're having problems with is that Owen doesn't seem to care about being punished. Threaten to send him to time out and he'll just say no. Put him there and he'll laugh at you and seem to enjoy sitting there by himself. Another thing, which is a carry over from his old school, is Silly Noises. There used to be a kid in his class who would constantly make noises to himself. Owen started copying this... and has never stopped. Doesn't matter what he's doing he's perpetually vocalizing.

Owen is working hard practicing writing his numbers and letters. He is getting very good carefully writing out his numbers up to 20. He'll ask us to spell something and he will carefully write down the letters.

Adam's speech is growing in leaps and bounds. Some words aren't clear (milk comes out golk), but he has a growing number of phrases he uses perfectly ("be right back. go see mom.") He even says please when he wants something, tho that's more repetition rather than politeness. He pronounces Owen as Owis and has only recently learned to say his own name (finally)!

Both of the boys love to listen to music. They continue to sing along with anything. Owen, when he's not quite sure, will usually hum along until he gets to the last word of a line then sing just that word loudly. Occasionally there will be a bit he knows well and he'll belt that one out. Such as his current favorite: the Beatles Hey Bulldog... Owen will suddenly shout out "You can't talk to MEEEEE!! If you're lonely you can talk to MEEEEE!!" Adam will occasionally be heard to sing parts of songs as well but as he's still learning to speak he will hum and grunt along until there is a "whooo!" or something and that he will sing loud and proud.

Winter hit big time with a 5" snowfall. Owen wouldn't stop talking about going sledding so we grabbed the sled and headed out early one Sunday morning. I took him out to the hill, plopped him on the sled, "Hold on tight!" and... he screamed all the way down. At the bottom he proclaimed he didn't like sledding and demanded to go home. I couldn't even get him back on the sled.

Finally, Adam has become extremely clingy and possessive of Yvonne. If he sees her he runs to her as if he hasn't seen her in days. When she goes back into her office he screams and cries. If he sees Owen going to her he rushes over to 'claim' her.

- New pics!
- Owen's first book in the Art Club!
- New video of Owen singing in the Winter Program
- Page about Monty's diabetes


11.08.06 - Adam's 2nd - Day 1711 / 735

Adam has finally turned two this month! We celebrated a few days earlier when Grandma and Grandpa came down from Wisconsin to baby-sit for us the night before. It took a little bit for Adam to remember the whole opening presents concept but once he got going... Owen got a little over zealous in his 'helping' and eventually he started to say that all the presents were for him! That's an ongoing problem - any presents Adam gets Owen says are his.

Adam's speech is about the same, but with a few new words and stringing words together to form sentences ("This way! Go!"). But you can see his intelligence growing as he can now count to ten (and beyond) forwards and backwards (backwards usually climaxing with 'blast off!'). He has a book of colors that he can usually name all of, and a book of sounds he can imitate. Thankfully he has grown out of the animal sounds - especially the cat where he meows and purrs and rubs his head up against yours. Cute but annoying after the first three or four times!

The current car-ride favorite for Adam is Yellow Submarine. He actually asks for it and sing along with it!

Owen has finally come around to liking his new school. This took a while because he very much missed his old friends. Some of them he's stopped talking about altogether. He's starting to fill out weight-wise - apparently they have a better cook at his new school. The previously mentioned 'bad kid' has been expelled from his old school we hear. Owen was very happy when I told him this. It's hard to believe but he was concerned about his friend's safety while this kid was there.

Most of Owen's bad behavior is starting to disappear. One thing that's staying firmly in place is "Sore Loser Syndrome." One of his friends at his old school would always say things like "My shoes are faster than yours" or "My pencil can draw better". This led to Owen saying everything of his is better than someone else's. This has expanded in his need to be first at everything. He has to get out of the car before Adam, he has to get down the stairs first, if we race to see who can get dressed first (him or adam with our help) and Adam wins he starts to wail and cry. This is very frustrating for us because we tried to prevent this. When we'd play games with him we'd equally let him win or lose and this worked out very well - until now.

Adam joined Owen in Trick or Treating this year. It didn't take long for him to get the hang of this either! Getting him into his pirate costume was a challenge, but not nearly as bad as it was with Owen the last two years. We learned our lesson and distracted him with a chunk of chocolate and since he hasn't really had much this was all we needed to get him to forget about the costume. Owen went dressed as Superman.

- Two pages of photos
- Updated Adam's growth chart


10.01.06 - Owen copies, Adam dreams, Mom and Dad get migraines - Day 1637/697

We've had two headaches over recent weeks.

First: We've realized Owen is more of a Follower than a Leader. By this I mean he will copy anything his friends and schoolmates do. If one of his friends only wants to wear long pants and long sleeve shirts, that's all Owen wants to wear - even if it's in the 80s outside. If one of his friends only wants a red colored straw, that's all Owen will want. He recently shunned his favorite comfort toy, "Baby Dog," for a panda because he saw one of his friends had one. While this may not seem like a big deal, it manifests itself in a number of ways - usually bad.

We have been having a number of issues with Owen's preschool - from an unacceptable teacher-student ratio, to an "undesirable" teacher supervising the children (which, we have noticed, is of a distinct relation to Owen's behavior at home), among others. Owen has moved up to the "big kids" class and we thought things would change but they haven't. Because of the ratio problems Owen will sometimes get moved down to the younger class, and be with the fore-mentioned teacher. Additionally, there was one particular "bad kid" who was thrown out of Owen's class last year and is now back. This is a Bad Kid who will no doubt be spending a good portion of his life in jail unless his parents start parenting. We have decided to move Owen back to a Montessori school, such as he attended in California. We thought Owen would get upset at the thought of a new school but not only did he say it was ok, he got very excited. So it seems he didn't like is old school very much either anymore.

Meanwhile Adam seems to be having two issues. His final teeth were coming in, and he seems to have started dreaming. He's waking up a number of times during the night screaming and crying and sometimes he struggles to get back to sleep. Owen went thru the exact same thing at this same point and we think he might be starting to dream. Waking up from this dream confuses him and he freaks out. We've put the old water fountain that used to be in Owen's room in with Adam, and brought back the old standby - the Beatles Bedtime cd. Since adding these two things Adam's sleep has stabilized, mostly. He still wakes up but turning on the cd and fountain puts him down again. Meanwhile his morning Quiet Time has vanished. He used to last an hour playing in his crib, now we're lucky if we get fifteen minutes out of him.

Adam is starting to become much more opinionated in various things. Most annoying is when he doesn't like something or he doesn't get his own way he'll blow a raspberry (or 'spit' as we call it). This is something else he learned from Owen, who, in turn, brought this home from school.

Bedtime music has been firmly established with Owen. We even had to buy him a CD player for his room. Usually he likes to listen to Pet Shop Boys (in fact they both do. on a long car rides they're the only thing that keeps them quiet), but recently he asked for some Paul McCartney. On hearing the CD he questioned it - he insisted it was the Beatles...

Getting the two of them to play together is always a challenge. The only time they seem to be able to play together is when Owen initiates it. Then they play quietly for ages. But it Adam wanders into Owen's personal space any other time - look out!

Adam has started speaking! I put up a video shortly after the last update of the early days of this, but he is getting much better and more experimental in his speech. This is one thing he is way ahead of Owen on. Meanwhile Owen can successfully spell his last name - which isn't easy! Adam says a number of words very clearly - like bus (with the S at the end), no, yes, and 'this way'. Other words are still a little muddy, like truck and yogurt. He loves to do animal impressions, especially a monkey and a cat (where he'll meow and rub up against your face). Speaking of monkeys, his absolute favorite tv show is Curious George. When we turn on the TV he shouts "George! George!"

Owen has started soccer and while there are some challenges actually getting him there, he clearly enjoys playing with the other kids. We also started him on cooking classes since he likes to pretend to cook. He loves it.

Also up is video of Owen brushing Adam's teeth. What's amazing is that Adam refuses to let us even touch his toothbrush so we can do it for him!

- Two new videos
- New pictures


07.26.06 - Adam TALKS! - Day 1606 / 630

Every day now it seems Adam is less a baby and more a toddler.

I guess we really should have seen it coming; that Adam would speak sooner than Owen, and better. He's fascinated with books and is constantly bringing us things to read to him. Constantly. Lately he's become obsessed with letters and numbers - pointing at them and trying to get us to tell him what they are (such as pointing at the car license plate and the letters on my t-shirt). Next thing we knew he started repeating words. Bus, ball, plane, car, banana, Bob (as in the Builder) etc. Granted it's still minimal (ie: ball is "ba" and banana is "nana") but comparatively, Owen said things his own way - everything was 'dee' or 'duh', but you could tell how he said it what he was trying to say. Truck was "dee-dee", helicopter was "dee-dee-duh-duh".

He is trying harder now to communicate what he wants. If he wants to go down the basement he'll point to himself and say "ba. ba." He'll bring me his shoes when he knows it's time to walk Monty or run our errands (he seems to have an internal clock!). Sometimes he gets his No and Yes confused; shaking his head when he means Yes.

Adam is definitely an Outside kid. Every chance he gets he tries to get out onto the deck or onto the grass. He has no problem getting dirty and loves to play with water. Cold or hot he just climbs in and sits down and starts playing. Owen, on the other hand, freaks out if his hands get dirty.

Adam also had his very first haircut last month, right about the same time Owen had his first haircut.

Pancakes is the new favorite breakfast in our house. Owen asks for them nearly every morning. Adam loves them too, but then he had a taste of french toast and grape jelly. Yvonne makes the pancakes fresh and freezes them, but we go with the store bought french toast. Adam will start banging on the freezer when he wants them, and his eyes light up when he sees the red box.

We've had about a third of the basement carpeted and the result is a large, comfortable playroom for the boys. We've moved some of the more space-consuming toys (such as the train set) down there and moved our old TV down there. The boys are slowly getting better at playing together, tho we still have to break things up before someone slaps someone else. Adam loves the train set. He'll play with it for ages just pushing the trains around the track, or operating the remote controls.

We took the boys to the Museum of Science and Industry recently. The place was quiet for a change and we were able to whiz through most of the exhibits quickly. Owen liked the huge model train set, and the airplane. Adam like the chick hatchery (where we all got to see a baby chick come out of his shell!). And both like the toddler play area.

Uncle Mike from England was in the States and stopped over for a visit. He brought the boys World Cup uniforms and played soccer with Owen - which made him Owen's Best Family Member. Until he played soccer with Cousin Chris from Finland that is.

We didn't go see the fireworks on the Fouth again this year. We can see them from the house so we let Owen stay up late to see them, but it wasn't long before he asked if he could go to bed. Maybe next year.

- Four pages of photos
- Video of Adam talking


06.08.06 - Adam WALKS! - Day 1558/582

I've been trying to get this posted for two weeks now...

A couple weeks ago Adam finally figured out that walking was better than crawling! The kid just never seemed interested. He'd try. He'd take a step or two, fall on his behind, then crawl across the room. Then one day we noticed he seemed to be trying to walk a lot more often than crawling and that was it.

His vocabulary is still somewhat limited. Sometimes we swear he says thing like "daddy" but he usually doesn't say it again. He says "hi" for nearly everything (hi, bye, thank you) and loves to point out dogs and say "daw!" He tries to say 'bus' and 'truck' but they both come out sounding like 'dee'. He says 'ok' and 'car' and 'again'. He loves trucks and will amuse himself looking at Owen's truck books.

His favorite color is definitely yellow. I find this interesting. Early on Owen would stare at anything blue and while he doesn't do it anymore, you can notice that he is still partial to blue things. Adam has always gone after the yellow cars in the toy box first, insists on pulling yellow or orange socks out of the sock drawer, and now his favorite book is a book on taxis.

Adam is very good with his pacifier. He's never needed it as much as Owen (and Owen didn't need it much to begin with) and knows that it belongs in the crib. Without our saying so when we pick him up he will take it out of his mouth and throw it back into the crib. He's very aware of where things are supposed to go. He is specific in that he has all his current toys in his crib at Quiet Time. For his nap we take these out and he helps by handing the toys to us, etc.

He loves to be read to. He will pick up a book (usually said taxi book) and hand it to you and say "hi!" which means "read to me." And then 'again'. And 'again'. And 'again'. and...

He impersonates dogs. He will go up to Yvonne, start panting then take her hand and put it on her head so she can pet him.

Adam is starting to do puzzles. We have a picture and shape puzzle that he likes to do. He doesn't always get the pieces into the slots, but he can figure out where each piece goes.

He is a very healthy eater. Adam can put away two heaping bowls of Cheerios for breakfast alone. In fact, he's almost gluttonous. He will literally stuff food into his mouth. He'll take a chicken nugget and instead of biting it he will shove the entire thing in. He's slowed down in this recently, tho, but we'll still catch him shoving and entire Ritz cracker into his mouth. We give him only one bowl of Cheerios and while we cut everything up into tiny pieces, he doesn't eat five at a time like he once did.

His spoon use is getting really good. A few weeks ago he'd start with the spoon, but grabbing handfuls of vegetables and stuffing his mouth was the preferred mode of feeding. Recently he seemed to get the idea and now almost always uses a spoon. And if he can't get something onto the spoon he will pick it up, put it on the spoon, then eat it.

Owen has begun taking speech classes at the elementary school around the corner. The teacher was impressed not only in that Yvonne correctly told her what sounds he needed help with, but that she wanted some materials to help her train him over the summer while school was out. Apparently this is unheard of and we're not surprised. We're always amazed at how little it seems some parents take an active interest in their kid's lives. Last week at Owen's preschool they were learning about camping and everyone was asked to bring a teddy bear along for the week. Owen and one other kid were the only ones who brought one. But I digress. Owen is certainly trying harder in pronouncing some words.

In testing Owen for this class we learned that Owen was very advanced in his vocabulary (probably because we teach him to say things like "inconceivable!") -- kindergarten level, but behind in expressing himself, which is expected due to his speech problems.

Owen is also starting to express an interest in reading. We'll find him staring at words and often asking what things say.

His Lego skills keep getting better and better. He's advanced beyond two dimensional designs to three dimensions. The other day he built a two level car transporter complete with ramps to help the cars get on, and rails on the upper deck so the car doesn't fall off.

- New pictures!
- New video of Owen singing "Teasing Mr Alligator


03.29.06 - Big Boy Four and Adam Goes to the Hospital - Day 1487/511

We've had our first serious childhood illness. Adam caught some sort of stomach virus over the weekend. Early Sunday morning he started throwing up and continued to do so every 15 mins or so for the next two hours. He couldn't keep anything down. If we gave him too much water it'd all come right back up. He could mange a few Cheerios and a cracker and small doses of electrolyte water but that was about it. Most of Monday he was lethargic and just wanted to lay down or sleep and he wasn't wetting his diaper. Come Tuesday he was refusing to drink any water at all so we took him to the emergency room. Long story short, they gave him some Zofran, which is a medicine they give chemo patients to prevent nausea and vomiting. Shortly after the medicine was given they gave him a popsicle to try and give him some fluids - he wolfed it down in record time. As for now he's munching on crackers and Cheerios and, at first, he was refusing water again but we gave him an electrolyte based popsicle and that got him going again. And he's had a few we diapers so all is good.

We were very impressed with Edward Hospital. The emergency room was completely empty when we arrived and we were talking to a doctor within 10 minutes. If this were California, we'd STILL be sitting there waiting.

Owen's had his long awaited for fourth birthday! His actual birthday was low key. After his nap we opened presents and took him to Chuck E Cheese for dinner. He had a lot of fun. He even asked if he could play in the climbing gym. This is a first as we usually have to coax him to go in something like that. But this time he asked himself and jumped right in. For his birthday we got him a new big boy bed. We weren't sure if he'd give up his train bed so we took him to see it and he fell in love with it immediately. He also got a new two wheeler bike. He's getting used to it, but the whole braking system thing confuses him, so he drags his toes on the ground to stop.

Saturday was his birthday party proper. We invited four kids - two from school, a neighbor boy and his pal Ryan. The two school kids didn't show, the neighbor boy was grounded and couldn't come (but his 18 month old brother came), but Ryan was able to come. And that was fine because Owen and Ryan love to play with each other. So the kids played, had pizza and cake and we all had a good time.

But the birthday party almost didn't happen at all. The night before Owen came down with a fever - there was a three day virus floating around. But by morning the fever passed so all was still on. But then just before everyone arrived Adam developed pink eye. sigh.

Adam has finally started walking! Sort of. Back at the beginning of February Adam began taking his first steps (video up in the Video section), but beyond that he still shows little interest in actually walking. A few steps here and there is about it. However, last week he began getting to his feet without aid and walking a few steps, so he's almost there. We feel once it gets warmer out and we spend more time outside he will start walking out of necessity.

He is also trying harder to speak lately. He will clearly try to mimic something we say, like "where did Adam go?"

Even though he's had all his teeth for several month he is still constantly drooling. He always has to have a bib around his neck and that bib is always soaking wet! He's also progressed to a breakfast of Cheerios, but utensils are no use to him. He just digs right in with his hands.

Owen's at-home behavior had been getting progressively worse -- talking back, slapping/hitting his brother or us, etc. We've managed to trace it all back to his pre-school - in particular one kid who's a problem child. It got so bad that we started looking at other schools in the area that we've come across. (owen had a fit when he got wind of this) But we opted to speak with the school administrators and they already recognized the kid as a problem and started to move him to different classes. The change in Owen was immediate - since this kid was moved out he's been much more pleasant to be around.

Owen has discovered the joys of Lego. For the last couple weeks it's pretty much all he will play with. Because he's playing with my sorely useless pile of Legos from when I was a kid we took him out to the Lego Store in downtown Chicago. We intended to by more regular Legos but he really wanted a crane so he used his birthday money to buy a specific model set. We built it together and he's been playing with it daily ever since. In fact, the more he plays with the Legos the more creative he gets. He remarked how impressed he was that I could build something without a "map" (his word for instructions) and I commented that I was using my imagination and explained the concept to him. Soon his creations started getting more realistic. Recently he produced his variation on a flatbed tow truck which was impressive enough, but then he held up the car he made to go on the back! Usually his cars, etc were cars simply because they had wheels on them. Not anymore. Pic in the Art Club

- New video of Adam walking!
- Three pages of pictures
- New Lego model in Owen's Art Club


01.21.06 - World Travelers - Day 1420 / 444

Wow. Lonnnnnng time between updates. But with Chirstmas preparations, a trip to the UK, and spending the last three weeks editing and compiling the 2004-2005 DVD for the boys I haven't had a lot of time!

We recently returned from our first trip overseas with Adam. We had taken Owen over when he was about the same age. We spent a few days in Dublin, then over to England to visit Yvonne's parents. They kept the boys while we took a much needed break and took the train up to Edinburgh. Owen has now been in five countries and Adam two. Owen is pleased that he has more stamps in his passport than his brother. Adam, unfortunately, is not the traveler Owen was. Owen could be counted on to pass out during take off then sleep most of the flight. Not so with Adam. He needs to see what's going on and thus stays awake the whole time. The WHOLE time...

We also treated Owen to a performance of the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang musical. He was afraid when it started and wasn't sure about it throughout the first half but during the intermission he started to tell anyone who would listen what happens next, and wound up clapping and applauding thru most of the second act.

Owen has announced that when he grows up he wants to go on stage and sing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang songs and have all his friends and family there to watch him. He acts this out by singing and dancing whenever there is a musical program on TV. In fact, singing and dancing has become a small obsession with him. Anytime he hears music in the house he can't help but dance around. He makes Yvonne put on the Proclaimers video DVD so he can dance and sing along to their songs.

The dancing bug has not escaped Adam either. He, too, will sit there and start bopping up and down with the music. His favorite song, however, is the Alphabet Song. Sing it to him and he will stop everything and bop along. Of course, nearly every toy he has plays the song so it's not a surprise it's his favorite. One toy plays it but doesn't sing it. He listened to this once or twice then started crying every time it played but didn't sing.

Owen has a new favorite tv show. Blue's Clues and man, does he love it! The show is a bit of a pantomime in which the "host" asks the audience to help him figure out what Blue (his dog) is trying to tell him. Owen shouts out and sings along and dances and just loves every minute of it.

With winter here we've now had several snow falls. The first was only enough to cover the ground and was gone by noon but Owen was no less enthralled by it. When we came back from our vacation we were greeted with several inches. Owen helped me shovel.

Adam now says a few proper words. Most significantly, if we walk into his room after his nap, or carry him into the house he immediately says "hi" and sometimes "hidad." He also says "car" with prompting, and just recently added "yes" and "okay". I also taught him to nod his head.

He's still not walking yet, but, honestly, we don't have a lot of time to work with him on this. Owen can be very demanding at times. Adam got a walker for Christmas and Owen promptly claimed it as his own. That is, until he actually saw that Adam was learning to walk with it then he stopped playing with it altogether. Now Owen has actually started to help Adam learn to walk. Yesterday he actually took Adam's hands and helped him walk a few steps on his own. Yes, it was cute and no, I didn't get it on tape.

All of his teeth came in shortly after his first birthday (which makes him a happy baby). His doctor didn't believe us when we told him this. We also managed to crack his sleeping issues, which may have had more to do with his teeth more than anything else, but some mornings he'll sleep until nearly 6.30a. (tho since our vacation he is back to 5.30a)

Adam has moved up from the carrier to full size car seat. He got Owen's hand-me-down car seats while Owen got two new booster "big boy" seats. He was dead set against the idea until I took him to buy them. Then he couldn't wait to use them.

Meanwhile, Owen's behavior has steadily declined since starting at his new preschool. He won't listen to us, laughs when we threaten to take away a toy (until we actually do that is, then it's the end of the world), etc. Despite getting ample "mommy time" he insists on acting like a baby frequently. Crawling, "spitting", making baby sounds, etc. When we tell him to stop his response is "Adam does it." When Owen first started there was a nice group of kids in his class. Nearly all of them went up to the next level last September and the new bunch isn't nearly as nice. Pre-school has taught Owen what a gun is and how hitting people is funny. Wonderful.

Finally, at the start I mentioned that I've been working on the 2004-2005 DVD. And that means new videos! It's been a busy year with the first four months concerned with moving, then having my camera die on Owen's birthday and not being able to get it fixed until the end of May I have not been able to do much filming and, as such, no new videos. But I've uploaded a few clips, including a new slideshow with a cheesy opening but I liked it so I kept it!

- New Videos!
- New pictures!
- New Art Club pics, and Adam starts his own Art Club!
- Moved 2005 to above History bar
- Updated some house pics (new pics on Exterior, 1st, and 2nd floor pages)